Elect Me Because


I’m a candidate whose life is rooted in moral values and driven to serve.

I am a senior property appraiser with firsthand experience of how the office works – and sometimes doesn’t work – for property owners.  Over the years I have analyzed and evaluated all types of property to determine accurate market values that are fair and equitable. I have assisted many residents and business owners in petitioning and adjustment of their property valuations.  With already established employee collaboration, I can begin to implement my fresh ideas to current problems on day ONE!  The citizens of Pima County begin benefiting immediately when electing me as your Pima County Assessor.

My voice is your voice and my career proves it.

To me, there is only one correct way to assess property values, and that is the fair way.  Whether your property is worth $5,000 or $5,000,000, you will be treated fairly. Having the resources to hire lawyers or agents does not afford ANYONE special assessment privileges.  As an appraiser in this office, I treat every property the same and make sure there is equity for ALL.  I have been committed to EVERY property owner in Pima County for my entire career, regardless of circumstance.  I have NEVER negotiated a property value nor have I provided valuation (tax) services for a fee. Those two actions inherently discriminate against all other tax payers who appreciate the laws and statues that govern the assessment process. My career shows a consistent pattern of a genuine appreciation for my community, my neighbors, and the people of Pima County.  

Electing me as your Pima County Assessor will guarantee you a voice at the table; a strong voice, a voice of fairness and fight. When valuations are improperly adjusted, inequities are created and YOU (the citizens of Pima County) pay the difference.

Focused Priorities


Currently our property valuation appeal process is broken due to a drastic disconnect between the Assessor’s office, Tax Agents, and the State Board of Equalization. As property owners in Pima County, we are all plagued with a higher tax burden due to the soiled relationships between these three entities. I will stand up for every taxpayer that is wrongly affected by negligent valuation reductions through building relationships with those involved. I have already started establishing positive dialogue with these entities by attending State Board of Equalization training, seminars, and conferences. My ability to create and maintain positive relationships throughout my career as a customer service, sales and operations manager has lead to my success.

My collaborative management style is centered around customers and coworkers because a joint approach to problem solving is most beneficial. I value people above all else. 

My People Priorities

External Relationship Development:

1. Establish relationships and positive dialogue with community leaders, state officials and other county departments that play a role in the valuation and taxation process.

2. Create an advisory committee with developers, agents, title examiners, property owners, HOA associations, and others from the real estate community to learn of pressing issues and concerns that could impact property values. 

Internal Development of Staff:

1. Implement a mandatory Customer Service and Quality Control training program for all employees.

2. Effectively design individual development plans for staff that will provide educational opportunities and training that will lead to more productive and efficient work groups.

3. Encourage, mentor, and support Team Members wanting to attain a designation through either IAAO or another accredited industry association. This helps staff stay on the cutting edge of valuation science.     

SERVICE from a proactive Assessor's office

My most recent encounter with a property owner started when I received a phone call from another Pima County department. The employee on the phone explained to me that the person she was trying to help had already been to three different Pima County offices (one being the Assessor’s office) and still had no resolution to his problem. The tax payer got on the phone and explained the situation. I quickly knew I would not have the answer but wasn’t about to send him elsewhere. As I began to explain the Assessor’s role in his predicament, it became apparent to me that I could provide a solution. The tax payer was downtown and agreed to walk over while I recruited the help of a coworker. In disbelief that the office I represent could unintentionally halt his progress and jeopardize the success of his project, I quickly explained the situation to a coworker. Since our systems had his parcel modifications in limbo due to the processing of paper work, etc. he could not proceed with development activity per AZ statute, our office was not required to have his paperwork processed for another seven months. We met the property owner at the front counter with a typed letter explaining the situation in detail and how our office was in the process of making the modifications. With a look of astonishment on his face, he reached out his arm and shook our hands while he expressed his genuine appreciation for our quick response to finding a solution to his problem. 

This is just one reason I’m thankful for my career and the reason why I am running to be your Assessor. The most rewarding feeling occurs in the moments of providing solutions for people in the face of bureaucratic obstacles. 

As your Assessor there will be a constant emphasis placed on customer service as your needs are most important to me. I will continuously seek advice and opportunities to better serve you and I will start with the following service improvements.

My Service Priorities

1.  Develop a Community Outreach Team to ensure best practices in service and communication. 

               a. Increase community outreach by going into neighborhoods and providing information sessions in local libraries throughout the year relevant to Notice of Value, Petitions, Exemptions, etc. during and after business hours.

               b. Create videos in English and Spanish that explain the duties, responsibilities and processes within the Assessor’s office.

               c. Establish a social media presence that allows for convenient dialogue with property owners. 

2. Reorganize the current Exemptions Section to ensure a more proactive approach.

               a. Offer an outreach to organizations that serve the elderly and disabled to make sure they are aware of exemptions and valuation relief programs. 

               b. Improve communications by developing brochures, handouts, and email alerts to inform non-profit organizations of important filing deadlines and to assist in the application process.

               c. Engage partners to have an efficient and effective process for both internal and external customers.

INNOVATION; The power of technology has changed our lives.

As a senior property appraiser I’ve been involved with several process improvement projects including the development of an updated GIS-based mapping system that is integrated with applications already present in our offices. This advanced mapping system with integrated valuation tools has added a visual quality control aspect to our valuation process that quickly identifies classification and parcel-use issues and is just one example of how I, as your Assessor, will consistently push for innovative ways to leverage technology for the production of more accurate and fair valuations.

1. Technology/Resource Improvements 

                a. Research alternate Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system feasibility and cost. (CAMA system is the primary tool used to list, notice, and assess Real Property.) The current CAMA system, while compliant, has stability and performance issues sufficient to merit considering alternatives. With the growth of Pima County, a robust CAMA system is vital to establishing fair and equitable valuations. 

2. External website improvements

                a. Create a more user friendly website that is informative and resourceful.  This would be done through community feedback. 

                          i. Utilize videos and diagrams to illustrate valuation topics.

                          ii. Develop a “projected tax calculator” for future property owners.

                          iii. Provide sales comps for all property types that are valued by the Sales Comparison method. 

3. Continue the implementation of the paperless initiatives that includes: archive scanning digital MLS, sales reports, Split/combo packets, Exemption applications, etc.


4. Create a Quality Assurance Team for auditing the current valuation, exemption, and appeal processes and to review all appeals and Board of Equalization decisions. 

                 a. Align processes, document the process workflow, and establish workload expectations with a goal to improve the valuation process and customer experience.