It's YOU I VALUE !! Equity & Service for ALL

It's YOU I VALUE !! Equity & Service for ALL

It's YOU I VALUE !! Equity & Service for ALLIt's YOU I VALUE !! Equity & Service for ALLIt's YOU I VALUE !! Equity & Service for ALL

YOUR property, YOUR value, YOUR tax bill, YOUR money

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How the Assessor AFFECTS YOUR life.

The primary responsibility of the Pima County Assessor is to determine the value of all taxable real and personal property located in Pima County.

Your property value is directly related to the amount of property tax you pay.

Why my priorities and commitments are BEST to SERVE YOU

I am running to become your Pima County Assessor because the prosperity of this community is directly related to your value. Fair and Equitable property assessments decide our future and with my experience, knowledge and resolve, I will fight to ensure this public service office is competent, accountable and puts community first.....because it’s you I value! 

Focused Priorities: * PEOPLE * SERVICE * INNOVATION

This community is built around the respect for all PEOPLE, the importance of accommodating SERVICES and the pursuit of INNOVATION. These same priorities will be the focus of your Pima County Assessor’s office under my leadership.


PEOPLE: Respectful relationships

Solutions are reached through PEOPLE. As your Assessor, this office will proactively promote civic engagement to ensure transparency and inclusion. This office succeeds when property owners, community leaders, industry professionals and employees respect and appreciate one another. My interpersonal communication and collaborative spirit create sustained relationships that will drive solutions to benefit all. 

SERVICE: Accommodating to ALL

This Assessor’s office will serve EVERYONE and provide necessary assistance until all issues are addressed. I will remove barriers to participation and information by onsite engagement in local neighborhoods ensuring no discriminatory factors influence your value. As your Assessor, I will serve as your property value representative, fighting for valuation equity and a fair distribution of the tax burden.

INNOVATION: Constant pursuit

Dustin Walters assessor pima county

As your Assessor, this office will improve valuations and service through innovative technology, education and continuous improvement processes. Communication and information delivery will be more accessible with better use of available technology that is cost efficient and extremely effective. Innovative training and job-specific education will be established through an industry  curriculum promoting employee development.  A consistent audit process within each work group will be established to produce efficiencies, eliminate wasteful habits and bring improved valuations and service to everyone. 


PLEASE get involved! This campaign is about placing value on YOU and we need local, grassroots support. EVERYONE NEEDS A FAIR VALUATION. Let’s make that possible.

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